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Mattias Adolfsson lives with his wife and two children in Sigtuna outside of Stockholm, Sweden. Mattias has an Masters of fine arts in graphic design( at HDK , school of arts and crafts Gothenburg). Have been a professional 3d artist since 1995 when he left school making first animations for music videos and film then involved in making computer games. Restarted his drawing when starting a sketch blog (on line web log) in 2006, which since then has been one of the most visited sketchblogs in the world and has given him freelance work from all over the world. Has also started to exhibit his work, the last one being a group exhibit in Melbourne Australia.
Is currently working on a childrens book

Work/Education, selection
07          freelancing Illustrator/artist
05-07    Senior Artist, Simbin Development studios, Göteborg
03-05    Senior Artist, Digital Illusion CE, Stockholm
98-03    Self employed Swerin&Adolfsson , producing 3d animationer etc
96-98    3D artist, TATI later VisionPark Entertainment.
95-96    Graphic designer SVT, Göteborg
91-96    HDK, School of Arts and Crafts
89-91    Architect school Chalmers
88-89    Graphic designer, DTP desktop presentation AB
87-88    KTH. Royal technical college

2007    Hung by the sticky bits, UNTIL NEVER Gallery Melbourne Australia
2007    Group Exhibit Sigtuna
2006    Galleri Kaustik, Gothenburg toghether with Cecilia Levy

2006   Pick of the week, Illustration Friday
2002    Winner, Polygon prize Statue, “the little Voice”
2001    Nominated, 3DFestival, Characterdesign
2000    Nominated, Big Kahuna Award, Characterdesign
2000    Nominated, Polygon Prize 2000
1999    Nominated, Kinetix Contest
1999    Winner, 3dArk 3dcontest, Characterdesign
1999    Winner, 3dArks 3dcontest, Stillimage
1999    Winner, Serious 3d Christmas Competition
1998    Winner, Big Kahuna Award, Characterdesign
1997    Nominerad, Big Kahuna Award, Gamedesign
1996    Winner, Cap&Design, Illustration
1995    Winner, Cap&Design, Illustration
1994    HDK-stipendiat
1994    Winner, Cap&Design, Posten brevpappersdesign
Mattias Adolfsson, Kärrvägen 26, 193 32 Sigtuna. Tel +46 8 59 25 03 33, Mail: Blogg:, Web:

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